Why it is good to drink water after sex

Add this to your bucket list of things to do after sex - take a glass of water.

Black woman drinking water in bed after sex

Key Takeaways:

  • Sexual activity can lead to the loss of water and depletion of energy.
  • Drinking water after sex is good as it helps replenish lost fluid and energy. 
  • It is also advisable to drink water after sex because water hydrates the body and benefits both sexual and overall health.

We often need to hydrate after vigorous physical activities like sex. Since there is no better way of keeping the body hydrated than drinking water, taking a bottle of water after sex is considered good and healthy for the body.

During sex, your body is physically active, certain hormones are released, and you use up a lot of energy. This can leave you drained, dehydrated, and tired. 

While short-term dehydration may not be fatal, you may notice some mild signs and symptoms like dry mouth and lips, dizziness, tiredness, and confusion. 

Dehydration can also cause or worsen a dry vagina. According to a 2019 study, taking an adequate amount of liquid is essential for proper lubrication of the vagina.

This means that if you're looking to have another round of sex, water can help improve your sexual performance by lubricating the vagina.

This article discusses why it is good to drink water after sex, highlighting how the body benefits from this habit. It also talks about the role water plays in sexual health as well as other things you may want to consider doing after sex.

The benefits of drinking water after sex

It is good to drink water after sex because water does the following:

1.Washes out bacteria

Drinking water hydrates the body and makes you want to urinate. When you urinate, it can flush out bacteria from the body, preventing future infection flare-ups. This is also a way to flush out toxins from the body right after sex.

Urinating after sex does not prevent people from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Instead, take protective measures like wearing condoms during sex to prevent STD.

2.Replenishes lost energy

Sexual activity is a form of physical activity; and so drains energy. One great way of replenishing lost energy is by drinking water to stay hydrated. Water gives energy, and when you don’t have enough fluid in your body, it leads to dehydration.

Studies have also shown that water improves metabolism, which in turn has a positive impact on energy levels. So, even if you want to go for another round of sex, drinking a glass of water could energize you, helping maintain your energy levels. 

3.Aids digestion

Most people take a walk to the kitchen after a roll in the hay. It is normal because you lost some energy while at it and would feel your stomach empty. Grabbing a bottle of water will help break down the food faster. 

Drinking water after sex also helps to ease bowel movement, preventing constipation. 

4.Prevents spasms and muscle cramps

Some people experience pain, spasms, and cramps after intense sexual activity. This leaves an unpleasant experience after sex. 

Different things can cause cramping after sex, such as the release of prostaglandins (compounds with hormone-like effects that can cause muscle contraction) during orgasm, deep penetration during sex, vaginal dryness, ovulation, orgasm, and medical conditions. 

Cramping or spasms during or after sex are often not severe and often resolve with at-home remedies such as changing positions during sex, placing a heating pad in the affected area, or drinking water. Drinking water may reduce pain and discomfort. Some studies have also suggested that drinking water containing electrolytes like sodium may help reduce the risk of cramping. 

You may want to see a doctor if you experience frequent pain after sex. Also, see a doctor if frequent cramping after sex is accompanied by severe pain, involuntary contractions of vaginal muscles, spotting or bleeding after sex, fever, vaginal discharge, or heavy and irregular periods.

5.Improves sex life

Drinking water after sex is good for your sexual health because it helps improve blood circulation and enhances your mood. Dehydration gets you cranky and results in fatigue, which doesn’t put you in a good state for another round of sex, even if you want to go on another round.

For people with penises, drinking enough water may help improve blood flow to the penis. Blood flow to the penis during sex makes for a stronger, healthier, and harder erection. There are sparse studies to determine whether dehydration directly causes erectile dysfunction (ED). However, it can indirectly cause ED by constricting blood vessels and impairing blood flow to the penis. 

6.Reduces anxiety

Drinking enough water may help enhance your mental health. A smaller 2011 study indicated mild dehydration was associated with impaired cognitive performance, fatigue, tension, and anxiety in people with penises.

Since a person’s mental state can affect their sexual performance and may even lead to ED, it may be helpful to take water after sex for improved mental health. This may help reduce anxiety symptoms in people with sexual anxiety (or sexual performance anxiety).

Other things you should do after sex

Aside from drinking water, other things you should consider doing after sex include:

  • Urinate

A study indicated that in people with vaginas, bacteria in the bladder can increase tenfold after sex. 

This is why urinating after sex is recommended, especially for people with vaginas, as it can help flush out bacteria in the urinary tract, helping to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

  • Clean up

 The combination of sweat and semen mixed with vaginal fluid often leaves an unpleasant smell. After-sex smell varies and may not be very distinct in some people, but people with health conditions like bacterial vaginosis may notice a strong fishy odor after sexual intercourse. 

Irrespective of the after-sex smell, cleaning up by taking a bath and washing up the pubic area is healthier. This may reduce the risk of bacterial infection after sex.

  • Note any sign of discomfort during and after sex

It is not uncommon for people to experience pain or discomfort during or after sex. This can happen because of things like sex position, depth of penetration, or not enough stimulation (like a dry vagina). 

It can also be caused by health issues such as sexually transmitted infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases, and endometriosis. You will need to see a medical provider for proper diagnosis and treatment in such cases.

  • Eat foods rich in probiotics

You may be inclined to reach out for food after a round of sex. It will be best to stick with healthier foods like those that contain probiotics. Probiotics contain a combination of yeast and natural bacteria that live in the body. They help maintain the good bacterial flora in the vagina. Examples of foods that contain probiotics include yogurt, sour pickles, kefir, and cheese.

  • Consider getting tested

It would be a good idea to take extra caution by using protection like condoms, especially when having sex with a new partner. You may want to check your condom after sex to be sure it did not break during intercourse. 

Also, health experts recommend that people who are sexually active go for routine checkups to test for infections such as yeast infections and STDs, which can be passed from an infected person to their sexual partners. 

Final thoughts

The health benefits of water cannot be overemphasized—it has been linked with reduced constipation, increased metabolism, increased blood circulation, elimination of toxins from the body, improvement in metabolism, and regulation of body temperature, among others. 

Water can also benefit sexual health by improving mood, blood flow, and increasing energy levels. 

Health experts recommend drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. This will keep you away from dehydration and help keep you physically, physiologically, and mentally active.