Oluoma Vivian Aneke

Oluoma Vivian Aneke

Oluoma Vivian Aneke

Human Anatomist

Oluoma Vivian Aneke is a Human Anatomist and a Research Scientist with a particular interest in Neurosciences.

She is a seasoned writer with two years plus experience in the health industry. She has gone through many series of training and certifications, which have made her stand out in the health writing niche.

Asides from the health writing niche, you will find her doing well in the lifestyle and crypto industry.

Oluoma is also a Copywriter who is experienced in creating ad copies for businesses and agencies.

Oluoma is passionate about what she gives to her audience, which is always evident in the well-articulated articles she puts out there.

On the social side, Oluoma loves traveling, reading novels, wildlife, and nature.