About Us

About Us

"The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you," - Joyce Meyer

What we do for users

SemicHealth is a platform for education on health, diseases, and daily tips on living a healthy life. Public health, skin care, disease management, fitness and nutrition, and sexual and reproductive health are all part of the discussion on SemicHealth. On our platform, our medically-certified writers and reviewers are constantly sharing their knowledge and in-depth researched content with the world.

Our mission

SemicHealth seeks to be a reference point for health topics and general health education. SemicHealth aims to educate the audience by providing daily updates of accurate, reliable, fact-checked, and well-reviewed health articles.

We are building a platform that will remain a reference point for all discussions that border on health, public safety, and healthy living.

Editorial standards

SemicHealth strives to provide only accurate and science-proven facts to its audience. The health reports and articles on SemicHealth are not based on people's or personal opinions but on science and what medical experts agree on.

Our science journalists and health writers are required to work with and adhere to the General Code of Conduct for Investigative Journalism and the industry standards of good journalism. When readers have complaints or concerns about our articles or reporting models, SemicHealth has a robust process in place to ensure those complaints are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

While we have strict editorial standards that support publishing fact-based, accurate pieces, we still encourage readers to reach out to us if they perceive any errors or misplaced facts on the website. Readers can reach out to the team by visiting the Contact Us page and filling out the form.


SemicHealth is a product of SemicHealth Limited and Liability Company.

Our editorial values and process

We want readers to find our articles helpful when they are seeking health information or want to make decisions regarding their health. For that reason, we are particular about the accuracy of our content. We also ensure we use empathic and thoughtful language to relay information. Our editorial values hinge on making our content:

  • Helpful
  • Relatable
  • Clear
  • Reassuring
  • Authoritative
  • Educational
  • Empowering
  • Actionable

We have a team of medical reviewers and editors who fact-check, review, edit, and proofread articles to ensure they reflect our values. After writing, the article first goes through a medical review and fact-checking process before the editor takes over. Every step of our editorial process is created with our readers in mind - to give them the best possible user experience on the website.

Expertise and authoritativeness

At SemicHealth, we set the bar high, ensuring that healthcare experts write and review our articles. We have medical doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, anatomists, and people in other health fields on our editorial and content creation team. Because we are knowledgeable when it comes to health topics, it makes it easier to communicate effectively with our readers, such that they perceive us as authorities.

Trustworthiness and Integrity

Our readers trust us because of our strong values and transparency. Trust matters to us, and for that, we ensure we publish only contents that are written with empathy and that supports inclusiveness. We constantly update our articles to reflect fresh information. When writing on health topics, we take a holistic approach to ensure we target every area a reader may be concerned about.

Science-backed information

Science is important to us. We understand how delicate health can be, and with a lot of buzz out there, it only makes sense to fall back on science. Everyone deserves access to only the right health information, and science has made it easier for us to make health decisions based on what research and studies say. For that, we ensure we back up claims with scientific evidence. Also, we get our health information from primary and secondary sources like journals, government websites, and associations that have been checked and found to be reliable.

How we stand out

There are thousands of health media agencies, but SemicHealth was built on a solid foundation of technology innovation to offer a quality user experience. SemicHealth competes with its peers by providing a seamless, faster, hassle-free experience while surfing the website.

All features and services made available on SemicHealth were deployed after careful consideration and analysis of what health readers want from a health website. SemicHealth offers support for all devices (both old and new); the program is optimized for all device's screen sizes and resolutions.

SemicHealth was laced with high-end software tools to ensure optimized service delivery. In summary, SemicHealth is proud to be one of the fastest websites out there through a 24/7 software update of all layers.

Suffice it to say that with SemicHealth, users should not worry about uncomfortable advert displays, random pop-ups, or abnormal website drag or lag.

Medical disclaimer

SemicHealth’s content, services, and products are solely for informational and educational purposes. Our contents are backed by scientific evidence but do not serve as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. 

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