Samreen Usman

Samreen Usman

Samreen Usman

Pharm-D, MPhil (Medicinal Chemistry) | Writer

Samreen has a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy (PharmD) and also has a master of philosophy (MPhil) in medicinal chemistry. She is a professional health writer with experience writing for Press Publish UK (150+ published articles). She also has experience proofreading, reviewing, and editing different academic and non-academic articles.

Samreen's quote

"I write health articles to illuminate paths to vitality and wellness for countless readers."


  • Silver Medalist

    Samreen obtained a Pharm-D and an MPhil in medicinal chemistry with a silver medal.

  • Internship role

    Samreen once secured an internship role at CCL Pharmaceuticals (industry) and Maternity Hospital Lahore, Pakistan.

Education: Dr. Samreen obtained her degree from the Lahore College for Women University, Riphah International University

Areas of expertise: Women's health, Healthcare, Drugs, Diseases