Joy Emeh

Joy Emeh

Joy Emeh

Human Anatomist | Health Editor

Joy is a basic medical scientist, prolific writer, content strategist, and editor with years of experience in the health writing industry. She is also the lead editorial manager at SemicHealth.

As a professional writer, Joy creates SEO-friendly content for websites and brands. She has ghostwritten health e-books on different health and nutrition topics for clients from various parts of the world.

Using her excellent writing skills, Joy engages and educates her audience. Aside from writing for Semic Health, Joy has also written for other health brands/websites such as Healthline, Giddy, Medical News Today, Healthgrade, HuffPost, and Dentistry Brands LLC. She is currently a health editor at K Health and a freelance writer for Everyday Health, SingleCare, Patient Power, and

When free from work, Joy would most likely be found reading, learning something new, doing a chore, or seeing a movie. Joy talks a lot about freelance writing, health writing, SEO, career growth, health and lifestyle, design, business and investments, relationships, and life generally.

"My articles focus on providing readers with accurate health information to help them make the best decisions for their health. I am passionate about spreading awareness about different medical conditions and sharing knowledge obtained from years of studies and research work with the general public."


  • Top-rated expert

    Joy is an expert health writer, editor, and content strategist. She has worked with more than 15 reputable health brands and over 60 clients, helping them write high-ranking articles.

  • Coach/Mentor

    Joy has extensive experience coaching and tutoring new writers through webinars and organized online classes helping them improve their writing skills and showing them how to build their personal brands.

  • Award recipient

    Joy received an award of the Certificate of Stewardship, from Nigerian Red Cross Society, in recognition of outstanding service to the CDS as its Dep. Commandant.


Joy obtained a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. She graduated with second-class honors, upper division.

Areas of specialty: women's health, Diseases and conditions, nutrition, cancer, metabolic health, mental health, and wellness